Domestic violence crime advocate, Elizabeth Strong, slowly begins to deal with her post-traumatic stress disorder with the help of her budding relationship with Detective Angel Martinez. Just when she thinks she’s beginning to get her emotions under control and feel safe again, old fears start to resurface when she finds out the man she helped put in prison is up for parole after six years.

With thoughts of the past seeping through, the last thing she wants to hear is that a victim she’s trying to help is found dead in Lake Erie. Martinez begins gathering evidence in hopes to solve a potential murder and all signs point to the victim’s husband, a journalist for the Silverton Tribune who is no fan of SPD or the criminal justice system as a whole. Not only does Elizabeth have to deal with the fallout of an angry crime writer’s musings, she copes with unexpected news that makes her fears about the parole hearing more prominent and justified.

What readers are saying:

“It kept me turning the pages again…” Amazon reviewer

“I have now read both books ---- both kept me so intrigued that I literally did not want to stop reading and I was so sad to finish each book ---- I can hardly wait until Elizabeth Strong Mystery Book 3 comes out ----- over the top amazing” Amazon reviewer

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